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January 03, 2013


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Like the Senator from West Virginia said a few days ago, there is something terribly wrong when the biggest threat to America's economy is America's Congress.

kathy a.

their approach is not negotiation; it's extortion. classy.

benen notes that when lindsay graham promises a hell of a fight about the direction of our country, he seems to have missed that little thing called the 2012 election.

the debt ceiling needs to be non-negotiable, as obama said. there is just no excuse for refusing to pay bills that were already approved. (refusing to pay legitimate debts is not acceptable. here, our national standing as an economic entity is at stake, plus, ya know, the entire global economy.)

the continuing resolution, likewise, imperils the nation; this should be a routine matter.

it seems that a certain brand of GOP'er does not think anything has been accomplished unless a hammer has been held over someone, and they can emerge pounding their chests. they forget that they were hired to serve all of us.

kathy a.

we should definitely be keeping tabs on all the cuts already made, and including them in totals.

we should also keep pressing the point, which happens to be utterly TRUE, that republican policies drove up the debt. that's how smart they are about money! the bush tax cuts and the wars are the primary problems causing the debt; not the fact that people need the social safety net.

i guess this is where the strong sentiment for some sensible gun safety regulation gets pushed off the map -- which i hope does not happen.

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