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May 22, 2013


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Bill H

Yes, we're going to regain the House in 2014. Hold onto that thought while you pet your unicorn.

low-tech cyclist

Given the second sentence, Bill, I assume the first is sarcasm. But either way, please don't exclude your middles, my friend.


omigod:\from AP, 9:57 pm
BREAKING: Wash. State Patrol: I-5 bridge collapses into Skagit River; sends vehicles, people into water.


"The bridge, built in 1955, was classified by the National Bridge Inventory as “functionally obsolete” in both 2000 and 2010. But the Washington Department of Transportation does not list it among its list of “structurally deficient bridges.” Seattle Times.

What? This is I-5, the N/S artery. No weather event. We've crossed any number of times.

Unbelievable. Infrastructure failure here? So what else is ready to crumple? Jesus.


Yeah, I just got off the road driving from eastern LI up to Mass, all on interstates, in heavy traffic, crossing any number of bridges. For most of the trip I was in a terrible storm. Makes me shudder to think.
That's austerity for ya. Small/no government.
No taxes=No responsibility.


Right. American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card. D+

But. Deficits. Austerity. Sequester.


Sorry lt-c. Should have scooted over to open thread. Will do.

low-tech cyclist

No prob, nancy. Every thread here is implicitly an open thread, and it's a nuisance to move a conversation from one thread to another once it's started.

Good Lord, that's horrible about the bridge. At least nobody was killed - they're reporting 3 people went into the river, but were rescued, and it sounds like they'll be OK.

Dear Congressional Republicans: NOW will you take up a freakin' infrastructure bill?? We got lucky here. Luck is not a plan.

kathy a.

they're lucky that bridge was so low over the water. but yeah, how 'bout some infrastructure?

Sir Charles

The fact that a majority of Americans have accepted this second rate bullshit as a fact of life in order to keep taxes low on plutocrats continues to infuriate me.


From the editor of the Seattle Times:

#SkagitBridge had a 57.5 DOT sufficiency rating. Seattle's Alaska Way Viaduct's rating? NINE, on a scale of 100.

— David Boardman (@dlboardman) May 24, 2013

Good heavens. A collapse similar to the Embarcadaro Freeway just waiting to happen in a place where another quake is due. The last Seattle quake we felt in our bedroom 280 miles away and not that long ago. February 2001. Nisqually earthquake, a 6.8.

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