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October 10, 2012


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Mitt, who was in favor of abortion rights before he was against them. Or the opposite.

All depending upon whatever election he happens to be in at the moment.

It's disgusting.

Sir Charles


Awesome link -- I think the GOP is in a battle to defeat parody permanently.


Following the interview, Romney told various reporters that, if elected, he would save the newspaper industry.



OT: Sir Charles, if you still have my e-mail address, please send me an e-mail.

Sir Charles

You wouldn't believe how often this happens.

When the bat signal is out.

To the edge of the American west. And beyond.

big bad wolf

i'd ask for your help too SC if we hadn't eliminated labor down here. at least the upscale whiskey industry is thriving.


Speaking of big labor, a good read today by one of the Boston Globe's pundits:

For [Massachusetts] ALF-CIO, a make-up test

One of the big reasons Scott Brown is a senator is because last time around 49% of Mass. AFL-CIO rank and file voted for him.

Eric Wilde

I'd love to say something about the topic of the post; but, this happens so often and is so predictable that its kinda like putting on socks in the morning. Its just sad that the party of projection and hypocrisy has so much control over policy.

On the other hand, Chrissie Hynde total gets me going!


The Republicans are the shills for the Plutocracy, the 1%.  The 1% is comprised of Sociopaths. They can not recognize the emotional states of other people. Nor do they care. The 1% aren't making anything, let alone "Creating Jobs".

They profit by crooked book keeping, legerdemain, mathematical equations, numbers games, and shifting billions of electronic digits from one account into another and then proclaim themselves hard-working capitalists. They are gamblers, thieves, poltroons and Vultures. They specialize in grifting.

This is Mitt Romney. He's poised to succeed in the Biggest Con Game ever.

Sir Charles


Any comment that uses the term "poltroons" gets my seal of approval.


Going with the 'party of sociopaths' theme -- this guy votes. In Ohio. Would that he'd stay on his couch turning into a potato. White SE Ohio, where food stamps feed children and families, school lunch programs abound, free-clinics provide healthcare, Medicaid saves lives and yet this cretin spends his day focused on how his *white supremacy* is threatened by our President. I'd bet good money this thug is drawing disability compensation.


Clarification: Disability compensation through deceit. There was a lot of it when I lived in the area. Leaves a lot of time free for exercising one's right to be an out-and-about racist know-nothing.

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