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June 04, 2011


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Sir Charles

What's incredible is that her acolytes are over at Politico insisting that what she said is historically accurate.

It really makes you want to weep.

Prup (aka Jim Benton)

Calendar months shouldn't matter, but sometimes they seem to, and this is turning out to be an incredible June so far. There's Palin's Revere comments, yes, but look at what else has happened.

Al Qaeda suggests that its members buy their weapons at gun shows, citing Bloomberg's demonstration of their laxness at running security checks.

That's not enough weirdness for you? Then there's the following fulmination against American Corporations who get away without paying taxes, and even get tax subsidies.

Money quote:

We, as voters, also have a duty to react when the GOP majority in the House of Representatives tries to tell us we need to reduce this phantom corporate rate from 35% to 25% so that these corporations can pay even less in taxes while they pocket even greater amounts of taxpayer money via corporate subsidies.

Worse still, Boehner, Ryan and friends have the unmitigated gall to make their pitch while asking the rest of us to give up the social programs that are so essential to most Americans.

Seriously, people, do we need an anvil to fall on our heads before we get it?

These numbers don’t lie – but your GOP Member of Congress is and it’s time to come to terms with this.

Perfectly obvious progressive points, right. What makes them so delightful is where the quote comes from. Not TPM, not from Krugman, not Ezra.

The quote is from FORBES and from the column marked "Policy Page" not a wandering liberal who was given a chance to write an op-ed just for fake 'bipartisanship.'

Need a little dessert? Apparently Christians have started discovering what Ayn Rand thought about them, and they are not too happy with what they found out, as Rand Paul is discovering.

And just in passing on a story of national notice, if not national importance, I still think the famous Weiner-shot shows an uncircumsized penis which rules out its authenticity.

June is getting rather buggy, no?

Sir Charles


I loved the Rand bit with Ryan. It seems to me that this is a fruitful line of attack for Democrats too -- particularly contrasting the vision of the good painted by the gospels versus the queen of selfishness herself. The vast majority of GOP voters genuinely need Social Security and Medicare -- I think tying attacks on them to a cult of selfish and indifferent acquisition is an incredibly compelling political argument and one which someone like Obama should be able to pull off with aplomb.

The question of what the hell the Administration is going to do about jobs continues to loom large, even as the Goopers continue to self-destruct.

kathy a.

wow -- great quote on corporate taxation, prup. interesting piece on ryan/rand, too. there is a fundamental problem with trying to sell policies screwing ordinary and the downtrodden citizens as something jesus would do.

SC, agreed that the focus needs to go back to jobs jobs jobs [along with tutorials on why killing social safety nets is neither fiscally prudent nor moral]. these corporate welfare queens seem to still be turning big profits, but somehow that hasn't "trickled down" to benefit everybody else.

i'm about to start reading the great risk shift, by hacker. it seems to me that the theory of trickle-down is that the already-wealthy will share the largess, which has not proven to be very true. somewhere in there is apparently tucked a belief that investors take "risks" and therefore deserve to reap profits.

the "risk" of losing a bundle that one can afford to lose is far different from the risks and costs these big dogs wish on others. someone scraping to feed the family and pay the rent can't afford even a small financial hit because there is nothing in reserve. to someone with a few million dollars, betting and losing a few hundred thousand is honestly not a big deal.

everyone deserves the dignity of a job, of basic health care, of education for their children, of not being thrown to the wolves once past the working years. it is profoundly immoral for those with the most to say "we all must share in sacrifices," when the real sacrifices will be from the many, and the few will reap even greater profits from the proposed policies. grr.

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