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June 07, 2011


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You know at some point, someone should explain to these nasty fools that grandstanding has real limitations. Diminishing returns and all that. Good heavens. How thoroughly depressing that there seem to be no signs of maturity germinating in the GOP.


Let's throw Tim Pawlenty's most recent proposal in the mix. Lower the top marginal rate to 25% while eliminating all taxes on capital gains, dividends, and investment (i.e. money people make off their money instead of from working). Because that worked so well the first two times we tried it.


As we live, watching the daily news as it unfolds, we are being reminded why President Eisenhower dismissed the forebears of these dingbats as fringe, extreme, and stupid.


Damn shame Ike couldn't have nipped them in the bud somehow.

big bad wolf

ike did a pretty damn good job of it. weeds are hardy.


The really depressing part is that these clowns may succeed in trashing the economy by forcing a debt default, and then win in 2012 despite the extreme unpopularity of most of their proposals.

big bad wolf

i read michael lewis's "the big short" last week. great, and depressing, book previously recommended by SC. even i, was surprised at how utterly stupid and evil the wall street folks were, and i was lamenting irrational exuburence in 87 (not that i am so smart, just, as the wife says, curmudgeonly).

i often mock twitter and other tech stuff, as i am a curmudgeon and inept, but credit where credit is due---unlike my itunes shuffle, i would never have followed bing's galway bay with mike jones's still tippin. randomness can be genius

Davis X. Machina

You have to understand these people are insane.

All that money. Just sitting there. Collected from nearly all of us, by compulsory process. Hundreds of billions of dollars. Sitting.

Not earning sales commissions. Not earning management fees. Unable to be steered to your brother-in-law's start-up, or the guy you played rugby with at Dartmouth's hedge fund, or the private equity shop run by the owner of the boat in the next slip.

Just sitting there. The modern El Dorado. And it can't be touched.

It's enough to drive a person insane.

joel hanes

I believe one doubles down in backgammon, a game played with dice. So the musical reference is saved.

Sir Charles


Like Sarah Palin, I meant that all the time. Thanks.


I definitely had the sense that at least when Bush started pushing privatization back in 2005 that a big part of the impulse was to generate investment management fees for Wall Street.


Glad you liked The Big Short -- Lewis is a really captivating writer and very good at explaining fairly complex financial matters in understandable terms.


Yeah, the Republicans are certainly not beyond doing exactly as you suggest. They are completely without shame at this point.


Remember, Eisenhower was an agent of the international communist conspiracy.


The Pawlenty proposal is just amazing. Talk abut doubling down.


I think it is going to take a couple of electoral drubbings to get the GOP to change. Let's hope we can administer one in 2012.

Paula B

re:"The Good Mitt could be the next president of the United States. The Bad Mitt won’t make it past Super Tuesday. The problem for Romney is that he just can’t decide which Mitt he wants to be." Steven Pearlstein's column in today's WashPost

I hate it when people even breathe those 12 words, even if they spend the next 500 refuting them. From what I read, Romney and Pawlenty are cut from the same cloth--Kevlar, I believe. Imagine a Romney/Pawlenty ticket. Talk about doubling down!

Paula B

should have been "even breathe those first 12 words"

Paula B

Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By has something interesting numbers related to the Ryan Medislash plan: http://bit.ly/kBnGSb

Sir Charles

The Wisconsin thing is fascinating -- they are really going all in.

God, we've got to win these recall elections.

Paula B

oddjob--Thanks for these links, I guess. If i wasn't depressed and angry before I read them, I am now.

kathy a.

oddjob, those are fabulous links about pawlenty, tax cutting as the magic wand, and bernanke on how anti-stimulus is really really really not the answer.

guess i'll find a few bucks to send toward wisconsin, too. geesh.

Krubozumo Nyankoye

I think what we are seeing happening at the state level is a roll-out of a new/parallel strategy to take the war on everybody but the top 1% of obscenely rich people to another level where the checks and balances are less well organized and where, in fact it is easy to pull all kinds of unconstitutional tricks and jigger elections with relative impunity.

Unfortunately I do not subscribe to any MSM media such that I could read them online. So I don't know what is being reported there, and of course, it is not necessarily the same thing that is being reported in print or in the broadcast/cable realms. IOW I have a highly biased sampling of the news, biased in favor of seeing a lot of stuff that I would never see any of if I only read a local newspaper or watched the 5 o'clock news.

I suspect if you polled 20 people at random (wherever you are) none of them would be aware of what is and has gone on in WI. Let alone how despicable it is. Inside WI that might be different.

Why anyone considers the republicans to be even slightly legitimate as politicians is beyond my comprehension.

Paula B

George Will makes me want to puke.

Don't miss Google's salute to Les Paul today. Strings work. If you click on the little box that forms the bottom of the second G, you can record!

big bad wolf

nice tip, paula. that's one of google's best ones yet.

Paula B

thanks, i agree. i also really like earth day and the salute to jules verne.

low-tech cyclist

This morning, Matt Y. linked to the conservative Smart Girl Summit, which set a very low bar on what it takes to be regarded as 'smart' if you're a conservative woman:

The presence at our first summit of women like Liz Cheney, Michelle Malkin and Congressman Marsha Blackburn highlighted the important role conservative women play – and will continue to play – in taking leadership roles in their communities. In 2010, we brought Smart Girl Summit to Washington, D.C., and featured Reps. Michele Bachmann and Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Liz Cheney, S.E. Cupp, Rachel Campos-Duffy and a host of leading conservative voices.

This year's list of speakers includes only one woman whose name is at all familiar: Phyllis Schlafly, who'd already been in politics for two decades when she campaigned for Barry Goldwater in 1964, and who's probably most famous for campaigning against the ERA on the grounds (among others) that it would require unisex toilets.

Yep, that's the face you want to put on your "smart girl summit."

kathy a.

call me a rebel, but i've always had unisex bathrooms in my own home.

Sir Charles


Given the state in which my wife leaves the bathroom, I am reevaluating my policy on this.

Sir Charles

Actually, she leaves it much like the two guys with whom I shared an apartment my senior year, albeit with less beard hair in the sink.


Yep, that's the face you want to put on your "smart girl summit."




kathy a.

SC, i'm pretty sure your lovely wife cannot come close to the hilarity and utter destruction of a home bathroom occupied by young male rockstars collaborating on important hairstyle issues involving clippers, elmer's glue, and hair dye of colors not found in nature.

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