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June 19, 2011


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big bad wolf

a lot of joy, a lot of love, a lot of joining together. if i should fall behind was a good song on one of the records after springsteen let the band go (good god), but not, i thought, much more than an average love song not. the imagery is a bit cliched. the song became one of my favorites after the 1999 tour, when, reunited with the band, springsteen turned it into a song about friendship and community and looking out---all without changing the lyrics just the presentation.

Sir Charles

The celebratory nature of the shows -- despite the dark subject matter of a lot of Sprigsteen's work -- and the palpable bonds of affection within the band, really made seeing them an incredible event.

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

I like that album cover a lot.

Sir Charles

It's nice, eh?

How you doing Neil?


I only got to see them live once, here at the Tacoma Dome, right before Springsteen's marriage blew up (we could see his wife dancing just off-stage). It was an incredible show, and the interplay between him and Clemons was a big part of it. A huge loss.

Sir Charles

Julianne Phillips inspired some great songs.

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