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August 16, 2010


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Hahahaha, he looks like Winston Churchill in first top photo.

kathy a.

great photos and captions! i'm too wrung out to worry about the big world today.

minstrel hussain boy

a tisket, a tasket, marley's in a basket!

he's a beautiful lad.

Sir Charles

He is a very imperious looking cat.


Oh, Marley's pissed off at me right now--I just put on his monthly flea medication, and he can't reach it (which is the way it's supposed to be) to scratch or lick at it. So he sits on my desk and just glares and glares.

However, he slept on my down comforter, by my side, last night, and Angelo let him eat an entire half-bagel's worth of cream cheese this morning, so he really has nothing to complain about. Spoiled rotten, he is.

minstrel hussain boy

i tell people all the time that i refuse to be around children or critters that are not spoiled. at one point i was accused of having created an entirely new breed of dog.

the spoiled rottenweiller.

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