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August 20, 2010


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kathy a.

damn, but you have some good stories.

Eric Wilde

Wonderful story! Thanks for sharing.

My concentration at university was religion. I've read way too much of Billy Graham's crap. Having grown up in the Southern Baptist Church of central Florida, I can so see the high blood pressure showing up in Billy's face as he rants about Jeebus and Hellfire.

Can you relate a nice, Barry Manilow story to us to counteract the trauma of reading about Billy?

big bad wolf

that is a great story, mhb. that latin lupe lu clip is very fine.

minstrel hussain boy

of the righteous brothers' hits, that was always bill and bobby's favorite. when ever we would do it they would dig a little deeper and give it a little more.

that made it fun.

Tony Sez

Hi Minstrel, I wonder if young preacher Graham has read the bits in the Gospels about: Loving enemies, Loving one another, tolerance, respect, and following Moses' laws (the injunction against bearing false witness comes to mind). I am sending him a nice copy of the King James (fundies seem to prefer it) with those bits highlighted and indexed with a recommendation that he study it and consider the disposition of his immortal soul upon his exit from this life. It seems to me, I wrote in the accompanying gift note, that, as a professed follower of Jesus Christ (annointed) that in addition to accepting Jesus into his heart he may wish to mold his life around the teachings of the Savior. Oh, and I asked him to stop lying directly and lying using equivocation for starters.

That's my protest style, send a loving gift and ask for change. If enough of us do things like this--what can't we accomplish?


He also, as did his father before him, fails to grasp the inherently non-material nature of the core of Jesus' teachings.

No, it's not correct to withdraw from the world altogether, but if you don't realize in the very core of your being that Jesus' teachings are all about the inner life, about the fact of "my kingdom is not of this world", that it's not about politics, you really don't understand any of it.

As Billy Graham got older, especially after he preached in the Soviet Union, he ceased to publicly carp about American society. Franklin would do well to consider the significance of that in regards to his own preaching and public statements.


Aren't all babies born without religion in a state of original sin, according to the god botherers? I thought that was what the baptism malarkey was about. So how come babies of Islamic people are any diffferent? The annoying thing about these Christianist bigots, is that they don't even know their own religion's teachings. It's pathetic.


As a child, I did my time under my father's roof and, let me tell you, Billy Graham was considered worldly in that man's religious views. In his circle, they didn't just damn the girls to hell in the hereafter, they maintained one in the home for their female offspring.

It's hard to overstate how much hard work, therapy, time, and plain old good luck it takes for a girl to climb out of that pit.

Thanks for another great post. I don't feel quite as guilty about not sleeping when you post late at night!

minstrel hussain boy

sleep's over rated. haven't slept all that well since '68.

Calvin Jones and the 13th Apostle

I always thought Franklin was a d-bag. I used to think Billy was the reasonable one but learned that was wrong. Thanks for further proof that both are dopes.


When you see someone like Young Franklin, keep in mind no one *has* to be a douchebag. It's a decision. He's *decided* to be a douchebag. So you should ask yourself, "What's in it for that guy to be SUCH a douchebag?"

The answer will be everything you need to know about that douchebag.


I don't know, tata. Maybe Franklin carries the douchebag seed and has no choice in the matter.

kathy a.

~ phftttth ~ good one, stephen!

minstrel hussain boy

but, even if you carry the seed, one can always renounce douchebag and turn to the true religion of brazilian waxing.

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