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August 20, 2010


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Sir Charles

That is high-larious. I had a cat that used to roll in the catnip just like one of the big cats did.

Is it true that the white tigers are treated more leniently for catnip possession?

kathy a.

this is great! most of my cats behave the same way. polly is a scardy-cat and generally doesn't participate, but i once caught her rolling around with a catnip toy when she thought nobody was looking.

kathy a.

back to school is just crazy times for moms and dads. there is all the prep, teh shopping, yadda ya, and then the settling-in time, the sorting of what isn't quite right. i'm well past the uniforms, lunchboxes, and lists of required materials stage -- but my adult baby is back from a year abroad and about to move into her first own apartment next month! so, there are these lists running through my head about what she needs, and what she needs to do, etc. i'm trying to twist the volume on that feed to low...

kathy a.

... by which i mean, i'm trying to anticipate needs, but not be too obvious or pressing, or enforcing of my own choices. nobody was looking out for her dad or me at her age, and we didn't want that to happen for our kids. so, i guess we are succeeding; but treading the line that provides support but doesn't do tooo much, that's a kind of juggling act. like most parenting, we keep making it up as we go along.

kathy a.

she does need to figure most things out herself now. for real. we are in the "safety net" role, mostly.

minstrel hussain boy

that is the delicate dance as they make those moves isn't it? i was always finding myself torn between wanting the kids to do things on their own, yet, also wanting to protect, fix, and yes, fucking meddle.

thing is i got four who have transitioned beautifully into young adulthood. they are each their own person, following their own hearts. my choices in career were mostly made for me. i started in music young, i could play, we needed the money. entertainment is no fucking place for a kid. later, in the military, the choice was made again. if i wanted money for college and a future of anything beyond a life on welfare on the rez, the military was the only option. they had a war going on, which means they were hiring.

i didn't encourage my kids to follow my wishes in careers, they followed their own path. now, they are all well off on their own journeys, and doing well.

i don't know if that is because of the way i was a parent, or in spite of me. while they're doing so well, i really don't fucking care a lick.

fuck i miss them though. the last time my daughter the intern doctor was around i caught myself standing at the door, watching her sleep, like a doting chump.

do i dote? guilty. do i love? deeply. do i miss? like the fucking devil.

still, it's great to see when i get past feeling all sorry for myself.


We went shopping for supplies today (yes, at the last minute), eager with anticipation - until we actually started trying to find stuff at Staples and found that they don't carry Pink Pearl erasers, same as every year. The teacher are insisting kids buy the Pink Pearl, same as every year. How do expect my kids to learn when I seem incapable of it? (The Pink Pearls really are better than the crappy Staples brand.)

I just loved the clip. My dear departed Grey Kitty was an absolute catnip fiend. The leopard reminded me of the way she'd act with a bag of nip. The only difference? Tabby stripes instead of spots, and (fortunately) much smaller teeth.

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