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March 21, 2010


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low-tech cyclist

There's a kitschy-but-great Pat Benatar song from 1985 that's been running through my head all weekend:

We can't afford to be innocent Stand up and face the enemy It's a do or die situation We will be invincible!

(Don't bother watching the video while you listen, though - it subtracts more value than it adds to the song.)

low-tech cyclist


Damn, I wish I had some fireworks to go outside and set off.

Eric Wilde

This will be Obama's test as the leader of the executive branch. Can he now capitalize on this victory? There will surely be a couple years before things kick in; but, let's see what progress can be made. I have hope on this one, still.

Sir Charles


I think so much of this will come down to job creation. If the economy starts to create jobs and the unemployment numbers tick down a bit -- but with a clear trend going the right way -- I think we will have the chance to get some things passed and minimize the losses in November.

minstrel hussain boy

unfortunately, this is merely the beginning of this fight.

they will dedicate themselves to bringing it down, through all manner of shitty dirty snide little tricks.

on the economy, about the only upside for me is that my most recognised style of music is blues.

there's gonna be a lot of call for that kind of tune.


Eric Wilde

I think we will have the chance to get some things passed and minimize the losses in November.

I wasn't thinking about politics on this one at all, only hope that we will actually get decent execution on the health care policy just passed.

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