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March 16, 2010


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minstrel hussain boy

superb. male soprano is one of the purest musical tones there is. rare, and gorgeous.

thank amy for me. this is beautiful.

kathy a.

wow. lovely! what a voice....

you guys know amy tan?

kathy a.

<< cough >> i meant to say, please thank amy for me, too.


kathy, we met in 2000, thanks to vintage clothes (long and interesting story, one which includes a now-closed and hugely atmospheric San Francisco restaurant). I should mention that in addition to writing, Amy also sings--she's one of the lead vocalists in the all-authors band, The Rock Bottom Remainders. From their website:

By day, they’re authors. Really famous authors. But once a year they shed their pen-and-pencil clutching personas and become rock stars, complete with roadies, groupies and a wicked cool tour bus.

And I see they're playing in your neck of the woods next month, Sir Charles. (See above link.)

MB, I knew you'd love Pascal's voice. And this is straight-up, without amplification or electronics of any kind! He gives me goosebumps.

kathy a.

i know amy well from her books, and also have heard all about the rock-bottom remainders!

curiously enough, this loops back to my time in japan during the paleolithic pre-internet era. my sister provided me with recorded-from-TV videotapes of sesame st. and MASH and so on, answered the call when my son's special squeaky binkies [not available in japan] began disintegrating, and dutifully clipped dave barry's columns every week. dave later wrote a book about his visit to japan, and i met him in person for about 3 seconds of his book tour from hell, so he could sign my copies. and dave is also a remainder. a co-worker [and drummer]'s friend also helped set up the remainders. so, as you can see, amy and i are close on the 6-degrees-of-separation scale.

Eric Wilde

I love the way he blends his falsetto and modal voices. Beautiful.


Exquisite. Merci beaucoup, LB.


minstrel hussain boy

the thing that makes a male soprano (as opposed to the various and sundry levels of tenor) so different, and so very rare, is that the range of the chest voice (normal range) is at an incredible high pitch. the only way it is achieved is to take a boy soprano and as the voice changes with maturity they work endlessly to keep the high notes, and keep them in the full voice.

what you are hearing is a combination of genetic gifts that have been honed and polished by years of hard work.

(litbrit: his voice made my hands itch for the national steel body guitar, and the beautiful creole ballade jolie blonde. don't know why that's the one that bubbled up instead of say, harp and mendelsshon, but, there it is)

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