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March 26, 2010


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minstrel hussain boy

and so say all of us!
and so say all of us!

low-tech cyclist

Dear Madame Speaker:
Thank you, thank you a thousand times over for your astute leadership of the House of Representatives, and for all you have done in the past fifteen months to make America a better place. May today be the most joyous of birthdays for you.

Happy 70th!
low-tech cyclist

Sir Charles

Is Neil going to pop out of that cake? With only a large volume by Jeremy Bentham keeping him decent?

Prup (aka Jim Benton)

Sir charles: "Shame on you." Judging from her recent comments, litbrit only serves 'meatless' food. Neil couldn't be an ingredient.

Might have chosen 'candlepins' instead of pool balls as the decoration, given her Baltimore upbringing.

But yes, Happy Birthday, Nancy, hope you get a present as enjoyable and valuable as the one you gave us.


Brava, Nancy, bravissima!

Indeed. Keep that momentum going, Madame Speaker!


Happy Birthday, Madame Speaker!

And many happy returns!

big bad wolf

duckpins, even.

big bad wolf

pool, of course, works better as a methaphor. she ran the table. she hsutled those idiot repbulican guys who thought they could take her.

big bad wolf

or even as a metaphor.

a methaphor sounds illegal


bbw, the pool table is a metaphor, yes, but it's also what Nancy wants for her birthday!

big bad wolf

that's great. sadly we can't all chip in and do it. a pool table cake would work---readily consumable food gifts are usually permitted

i have the bad habit of making everything about the metaphor or a book. a friend with a similar habit says of doing it that she tends to think of life as a metaphor.

low-tech cyclist

Yep, she's trouble, right here in River City,
with a capital T that rhymes with P, that stands for Pool!

jeanne marie

no candlepins in Bawlmer - just ducks, hon


Oddjob, spinning off that op-ed, I am starting to get the sense to Pelosi is getting adopted as an actual icon of the feminist movement. Jezebel is posting articles on her now, and such. There definitely seems to be some resistance still, though.

Neil the Ethical Werewolf

That would be awesome, Corvus!


We already have a cat named Obama. I've told my husband that our next pet (we also have 2 Basset Hounds) will be named Nancy if it's a girl, or Pelosi if it's a boy.

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