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January 27, 2009


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Sir Charles

Does the fact that you have three hands qualify you to be on the show?


I would HIGHLY recommend the documentary that introduced me to How's Your News. It's really a great film, very moving, and the opposite of exploitative (which I assume MTV will manage to do).


The other great thing is that Chetro (the former lead singer of Dispatch) helped out a lot with the org that created the idea for HYN, and appears in the film, but isn't given (and evidently didn't seek) credit. He's just a friend of one of the moviemakers, and traveled around with the anchors of their traveling news RV.

Honestly, highly recommended.

Searching around for links, I ran across an evident sequel, shot in 2004 at the Conventions. Amazing stuff that shows you a piece of what they did in the original.


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