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February 26, 2008

Our Buddhist Names

Feel like wasting a few minutes having a bit of fun?  Go here and divine your Buddhist Name.

Herewith, the entire Cogitamus Crew, a deeply meditative bunch if ever there was one.

litbrit = Aspiration Eloquence Queen
Lisa Simeone = The Girl Giver of Bright
Sara E. Anderson = The Girl Perceiver Firmly-Established Glow
Stephen Suh = Constellation Youth King
Sir Charles = The Monk Upholder Repository
Ankush Khardori = Tripitaka Master Awesome Grains
Nick Beaudrot = Diamond Upholding King
Neil Sinhababu = Dharma Teacher Holder Moon Banner
Dymaxion John = King Ever Treasure

Also at litbrit.


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OMG, my husband will never forgive you: now I will be truly insufferable!

The Chinese (hanja) behind my Korean name means "eternally good." My wife always laughs at that for some reason.

Given that I spend so much time trying to make this place look like something other than what it really is--the home of four males, four cats, and three dogs--I think a more apt name for me these days would be Desperation Evidence Clean.

Nick Beaudrot = Diamond Upholding King
He does pooh-pooh me a lot when I talk about the cult of De Beers. I think he might have some sort of an endorsement contract with them.

low-tech cyclist = Queen Light Upholding.

Without the hyphen, we get:

low tech cyclist = Great Teacher Gladly-Seen Birth.

That's probably better. A middle-aged guy with a beard, which I am, would probably look pretty damned silly in drag.

Wow! My name is excellent for a werewolf who teaches moral philosophy.


I did think yours was a bit eerie.


Don't sell yourself short. You might be very attractive in drag. I can't imagine how you'd look worse than Giuliani.

I can't wait to hear what Sir C thinks of his name, heh heh.

If Ankush's name were the name of a breakfast cereal, I might buy it.

I think the Cogblog girls got the cooler names, although Constellation Youth King and King Ever Treasure are pretty catchy. Neil's has a kind of Maoist mystic quality to it. The Great Helmsman on acid, as it were.

As for mine, it would seem to reflect the contemplative and chaste tone of my posting, coupled with my role as quivering instrument of justice.

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